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Post-Katrina Valentine 2011

This ark-la-tex relationship has no narrative spike
It simply arcs on, southern gothic, random spite—Cajun—certainly creole--maybe
Countrywide: affections mortgaged to the hilt; affectations, unaltered
We’ve set a course of reconstruction

Scavengers scampering after the American Dreamscape
Love in two time zones:   then and now
Still two- steppin’, two-timing, too much pain
The five year tally:  five jobs, four cities, no excuses
The watermark:  504

Sad-shoe-shuffles with smart phones:  connections cabled with same-old, old-time sentiments
Not yet love in the ruins:  smaller, specific, staccato
Recollections wrapped-- like Linus’ blanket--around FEMA numbered, slumbering hearts
Softened soles shape hope with a spindly tree and makeshift skirt 
Leave Christmas lights on through early Mardi Gras for my all-time Valentine.

By Wystan Rail

Wystan Rail is a free-lance editor and writer living in a Caddo Lake cypress swamp near Uncertain, Texas.  She is delighted to be somewhat settled after several post-Katrina moves.