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The Amnesiacís First Moments
after his memory was lost

Red Riding Hood I could remember well,
the smell of coffee, and Achilles, the thug
who ran so fast. I still knew how to spell
''absurd.'' I could recall the phrase I'll lug

the guts into the neighbor room, the Moon-
light Sonata, the film of Mr. Kane.
It felt as if some great selective broom
had whisked along the hallways of my brain

and swept up every cobweb of the me
in there, and left the rest all as before:
the address of the White House, the filigree
that's on the backs of dollar bills, the roar

of MGM, a million other live
detailsóbut not how any of them arrived.

By Loren Graham

Loren Graham was born and raised around Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He studied as a writer and composer at Oklahoma Baptist University, and he received an MA in English from Baylor University and an MFA in Poetry from the University of Virginia. He has since taught English and creative writing in Virginia and in Montana. Poetry collections include Mose (Wesleyan, 1994), The Ring Scar (Word Poetry, 2010), and Places I Was Dreaming (CavanKerry, 2015). Graham won the Oklahoma Book Award for poetry in 2016.