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King Salmon


This life

Broken by death’s majesty

Is not ours

That which we call life, rather


Packed with flesh, water

Opening always

Toward a majesty

Not our own


Without its being human

A vast unspoken column

Shows us


What we

Have returned to find

Where we knew it would be


James Capozzi

James Capozzi
is an Assistant Professor of English at County College of Morris in New Jersey. He is the author of several books, including 89 Screenplays for Nightmare City, Universal Description of the Known World Without End and Country Album. His poetry has been published in more than 50 literary journals, and he is currently the associate editor of the Journal of New Jersey Poets and consulting editor for The Virginia Normal. He previously taught at Binghamton University, the University of Texas at Austin, Virginia State University and Bloomfield College.