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One Mardi Gras after the end of the world, it was very fun even though there was not much food or shelter, but the whole word loved Mardi Gras. Even the aliens were partying for the Mardi Gras Parade. The Mardi Gras Parade was like a day away and everyone was going crazy because there was a big party at the Superdome where there was not much food, so the next day everyone put on their shoes and clothes and feather hats for miles and miles away. Some people even rode cars. Even aliens were going, and one of the aliens sent a text to the Government by accident that said, ‘come to the big party at the Superdome tonight,’ but the Government thought that it would be dangerous. So that night, the Government went to the Superdome. The Government was about to go crazy, but the aliens told them what happened so all of them became friends and the Government quickly went home and changed into nice costumes and hurried back. They had feather hats and sparkly shoes then they partied until midnight. Then everyone fell asleep at the Superdome.

By Charlecean Johnson

Open Studio is an after school program offered by Big Class and powered by dedicated volunteers. It is free of charge and open to young people school- and city- wide. In the spring of 2016 students were asked to describe "Mardi Gras after the Apocalypse." The stories by Keith Love, Kentrell Love, Eron Morgan, Charlecean Johnson, Alaila Young, and Amaya Smith are shared here.

All grammatical, stylistic, and formatting decisions are those of
Open Studio/Big Class.