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Basketballs and Springs

First thing that happened was a hurricane hit and some people died, some people ran and went to go and hide in a dumpster, and some went under houses. When the hurricane stopped, everybody came back out and started to march all around the city. They found wood, nails, wagons, shoe strings and then they started to build a float. They found new Mardi Gras beads because they made them out of basketballs and springs. Then they started to throw beads and rocks to some of the people that was still alive and some of the people had five legs and three eyes, two hands and six bellies. The people had no shoes or money to get clothes, so, they were so so so mad they faces turned red!

By Eron Morgan

Open Studio is an after school program offered by Big Class and powered by dedicated volunteers. It is free of charge and open to young people school- and city- wide. In the spring of 2016 students were asked to describe "Mardi Gras after the Apocalypse." The stories by Keith Love, Kentrell Love, Eron Morgan, Charlecean Johnson, Alaila Young, and Amaya Smith are shared here.

All grammatical, stylistic, and formatting decisions are those of
Open Studio/Big Class.