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The Effect of the Storm

One day everybody was gone except for a few people, there were only 30 people left. The rest did not survive because of the hurricane that hit two years ago. And they were surviving through difficult times. They had to hunt to get supplies like clothes, shoes, jackets, food, and socks. They would hunt at Save_A_Lot and Walmart.

The few people left made a little parade. It was awesome because they were throwing out packs beads and stuffed animals. The floats were awesome, they were superhero characters and they had a band and cheerleaders. There was a Batman, Superman, Spider_Man, and an Incredible Hulk

And Thor.

By Kentrell Love

Open Studio is an after school program offered by Big Class and powered by dedicated volunteers. It is free of charge and open to young people school- and city- wide. In the spring of 2016 students were asked to describe "Mardi Gras after the Apocalypse." The stories by Keith Love, Kentrell Love, Eron Morgan, Charlecean Johnson, Alaila Young, and Amaya Smith are shared here.

All grammatical, stylistic, and formatting decisions are those of
Open Studio/Big Class.