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Devotion to Beauty

after Pound's "In a Station of the Metro”

After we left our house in a hurry, then
found out our son had a 103ºF fever
and the first Natchitoches nurse
hung up on me saying, “We don't take new patients."
After hearing on CNN the New Orleans'
flood walls on canals had broken, that the water
was slowly filling the bowl from Lake Pontchartrain,
probably flowing through our living-room, I was
mostly concerned that because we might not be
getting home soon, the flowers I'd bought
to cheer myself up at the beginning of the semester,
may be dying in the crystal vase on our dining room table.
They withered, and died, shriveled petals
on the white, Burano lace tablecloth.

Biljana D. Obradović

Biljana D. Obradović, a Serbian-American poet and translator, has three collections of poems Little Disruptions (2012), Le Riche Monde (1999), and Frozen Embraces (2001). Her poems also appear in Three Poets in New Orleans (2000), and she has published Serbian translations of such writers as John Gery, Stanley Kunitz, Bruce Weigl, and Niyi Osundare. She is co-editor with Dubravka Djurić of the upcoming Cat Painter: An Anthology of Contemporary Serbian Poetry from the Sixties to the Present. Her poems have been translated into Serbian, Italian, Arabic and Korean. She is Professor of English at Xavier University of Louisiana, New Orleans.