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Actin’ a Fool in the Grocery Store
(for Sanity’s Sake)

My reasons for taking you with me are partly selfish;

Adults seem creepy kick pushing grocery carts

Fast enough to gather a breeze

down empty aisles,

coasting on them like skateboards,

with feet on the underbars,

making sounds of tires skidding as if in a police chase

while turning the aisle’s corner, one wheel almost coming off the floor

going down the next aisle

replacing the easy-listening stylings of Norah Jones overhead

with lips loose and flapping to mimic a roaring engine

with no excuse of inebriation

and no giggly little one in the carriage to justify such a grand performance

and cheer

for the black man with the graying beard

racing past canned goods like a true Sagittarius

from the quiet avalanche of expectation

nipping at the heels of his worn out Nikes

To Grow Up. Completely

And give up.

William Ashanti Hobbs

William Ashanti Hobbs: After graduating from Florida A&M University as an undergraduate Graphic Arts major in 2000, Hobbs went on to graduate with a doctorate in Creative Writing from Florida State University in 2004. He now teaches Creative Writing at Florida Memorial University. Hobbs has contributed most recently to the Gale African American Almanac (11th edition). Hobbs is married to Dr. Tameka Hobbs and has two sons, Ashanti and Amiri. The martial arts lover is learning guitar, golf and, as always, is working on various writing projects.