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0:37 by Anya Kamenetz

Let's Talk About the Weather by Anya Kamenetz

In a Supermarket in New Orleans by Rodger Kamenetz

Twice for Good Luck by Rodger Kamenetz

Emblem by Rodger Kamenetz


Chasing Dreams: Far Flung Thoughts and Alternate Endings in The Far Music: A Review of Earle Labor’s The Far Music by M. L. Byrd

Immigration and Incarceration Define Our Time: A Review of Zachary Lazar’s Vengeance with Valerie Martin’s Trespass by M. L. Byrd



April Comes to Shreveport by Ashley Mace Havird

Herding Reindeer by David Havird

Women’s World: Sex, Parenting and Self-Preservation
New Releases from Laura Lippman and Susan Wittig-Albert
by M. L. Byrd


C.J. Peete, B.W. Cooper, Lafitte and St. Bernard by Abe Louise Young

Review: Heaven to Me by Abe Louise Young reviewed by Rachel Jennings

I Miss Myself by Abe Louise Young

Katrina calendar by Abe Louise Young


Hurricane Katrina, The Deepwater Disaster, and the South’s Slow Recovery: A Review of C. Morgan Babst’s The Floating World and Jesmyn Ward’s Sing, Unburied, Sing by M. L. Byrd

“’Never Let It Rest’: The Adventures of Del Hall, Louisiana Photojournalist” Review of Richard Campanella, The Photojournalism of Del Hall:  New Orleans and Beyond, 1950s-2000s by Jefferson (Jeff) Hendricks


The Museum of Fine Arts by James Capozzi

King Salmon by James Capozzi

Don’t Tread on Me by James Capozzi

You Can Bust a Jackson by Dennis Formento

But what if there is no right answer on this test? by Harvey Hix

What about the times when the intimate other remains opaque to the desiring subject? by Harvey Hix

Berry-Picking by Brad Richard

Field Trip, Barataria Preserve by Brad Richard



On this Day by Reine Dugas Bouton

The Amnesiac’s First Moments by Loren Graham

The Amnesiac Sees a Picture of Himself by Loren Graham

The Women's March on Washington by Marie Reinecke Holmes

Women's March in Washington D. C. by Esther Nelson

Retelling of STALO, an Icelandic Fairy-tale by Laura Simms


The Good, the Bad, and the Criminal: Family Legacies in the Newest Crime Fiction from Wittig-Albert, Barr, and Lippman by Merry Byrd

"The World Had Gone Stark Raving Mad”: A Review of Lightningstruck by Ashley Mace Havird by Michael McClure

Hatin’ the Hustle: Another Holland Fights for Right-ness. Review of James Lee Burke’s The Jealous Kind. by Merry Byrd

Man-Made Disasters in Recent Katrina-themed Novels: Landfall, My Sunshine Away, & A Thousand Miles from Nowhere by Merry Byrd



Review of Dark Ecology: For a Logic of Future Coexistence by Delilah Caldwell

Can Compassion Be Enough in the End?: A Review of Each Vagabond By Name by Michael McClure

Review of The Lower Quarter by Steve Wiegenstein


Open Studio is an after school program offered by Big Class and powered by dedicated volunteers. It is free of charge and open to young people school- and city- wide. In the spring of 2016 students were asked to describe "Mardi Gras after the Apocalypse." The stories by Keith Love, Kentrell Love, Eron Morgan, Charlecean Johnson, Alaila Young, and Amaya Smith are shared here.



A Review of Hush, Hush by Laura Lippman (William Morrow) by Sharon Buzzard

Place and People/People in Place: A Review of Travels with Mae (2009) and Poverty Point: Revealing the Forgotten City (2015) by M. L. Byrd

Night's Reading: Burton's Thousand and One by Marthe Reed (Lavender Ink Press, 2014) by James Capozzi

Review: House of the Rising Sun by James Lee Burke (New York: Simon and Schuster, 2016) by Patricia Gaitely

Such Houses: THE OPPOSITE HOUSE and IMPOSSIBLE BOTTLE, Claudia Emerson (LSU Press, 2015) by Ashley Mace Havird

Review: Postmark Bayou Chene: A Novel, by Gwen Roland. Louisiana State University Press. by Steve Weigenstein



Water Lines by Sally Cole

From Leaving New Orleans: An Unsettling Tale by Sally Cole
Originally published in 2010

Beans by Katheryn Krotzer Laborde

The Freaks by Katheryn Krotzer Laborde
Originally published in 2010

Four Flights by Catherine Loomis

X by Catherine Loomis
Originally published in 2010

Decades by Christine Murphey

An Empty Stage by Christine Murphey
Originally published in 2010

Devotion by Biljana Obradović

To All Those Who Want Happy Poems by Biljana Obradović
Originally published in 2010


Volume 5, Issue 1

Headwaters by Elizabeth Kay Harris

I'm So New Orleans by Arthur Pfister

Professor Arturo’s PROGNOSTICATIONS for 2015 by Arthur Pfister


Muscle Cars and Mercurial Women by M. L. Byrd. Review of The Ice Garden by Moira Crone. Durham, NC: Carolina Wren Press, 2014; Wayfaring Stranger by James Lee Burke. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2014.

JoAnn Pavletich: Review of Immigrant Dreams and Alien Nightmares by José Torres Tama. Lavender Ink, 2014.

Joyce Zonana: Review of I Pity the Poor Immigrant by Zachary Lazar. New York: Little Brown, 2014.


Volume 4, Issue 2


Matthew Burns: Because the Stars Shine Through It by Geoff Munsterman. Lavender Ink, November 2013.

James Capozzi: An Easy Place/To Die by Vincent A. Cellucci. CityLit Press, 2011.

John R. Holmes: N.O. Lit: 200 Years of New Orleans Literature by
Nancy Dixon. Baton Rouge: Lavender Ink, 2013

Esther Nelson: Accalia and the Swamp Monster by Kelli Scott Kelley. Baton Rouge, Louisiana: Louisiana State University Press, 2014.

Joyce Zonana: The Ghost of the Mary Celeste by Valerie Martin. New York: Nan A. Talese, 2014.

Feisty Females/Accidental Sleuths: 2014 (NOLA) Feminist Crime Fiction
by M. L. Byrd. Review of Death Come Quickly by Susan Wittig Albert. New York: Berkley Prime Crime, 2014;  Destroyer Angel by Nevada Barr. New York: Minotaur, 2014; After I’m Gone by Laura Lippman.  New York: William Morrow, 2014.

A Poetic Voice for New Orleans by Julie E. Hudson. Review of Second Line Home: New Orleans Poems by Mona Lisa Saloy. Kirksville, MO: Truman State University Press, 2014.

The Passing Parade by Terrence E. Lewis. Review of Richard Campanella’s Bourbon Street: A History. Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2014

“Well Here We Are -- Best [Not] Forget That”: Pictures from New Orleans by Michael McClure. Review of The Wisdom of Ashes by Jonathan Kline and Glyphs for New Orleans by Edward Sanders. New Orleans: Lavender Ink, 2013.


Volume 4, Issue 1


For Anselm, waiting for a train by Dennis Formento

Take an Inventory of Clouds by Dennis Formento

James Capozzi - Review: Looking For An Out Place by Dennis Formento. Foothills Publishing, 2010.

Dennis Formento & Ed Barrett Trio – Audio – 5 July 2011, Set 2


M. L. Byrd: NOLA Crime Fiction 2013 The Light of the World by James Lee Burke. New York: Simon and Schuster, 2013, and
The Devil In Her Way by Bill Loehfelm. New York: Farrar, Straus, & Giroux, 2013.

Stephen Duplantier: The Book of Love The Mystick Krewe of Swan Songs by Darlene Olivo. Donaldsonville, Louisiana: Margaret Media, 2014.

Michael McClure: You Can Go Home Again, But... Beyond Katrina by Natasha Trethewey. Athens, GA: U of Georgia P, 2010.

Joyce Zonana: A Wilder Rose by Susan Wittig Albert. Persevero Press, 2013.


Volume 3, Issue 2

Archaeology by J. P. Andreason

Branch Bank by Grant Cassidy

Diorama of the Uninhabited Home by Christopher Varlack
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Late Night in Persia by Louis James Braquet III

Paint Flows More Easily Than Words by Sarah Woodward, Guest Editor

Sutra of Days by Louis James Braquet III
This piece is being presented in PDF format rather than HTML to retain the author's formatting. The document will open in a new window. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


James Capozzi: Sound & Basin.  Megan Burns.  New Orleans: Lavender Ink, 2013.

Arwen Avery Byrd: Blue Jasmine. Woody Allen.


Volume 3, Issue 1

Descartes' Automaton by Wystan Rail

Letter to a Jesuit Priest by Rachel Jennings

Post Katrina Valentine 2011 by Wystan Rail

38 Seconds* Chaos and Beauty in Haiti by Laura Simms

Uprooted by Rachel N. Spear


Michael McClure - “C’mon, Let’s Go Down to That Stupid Second Line”: A Review of In the Land of What Now (short stories) by Helen Krieger, New Orleans: The Hatchery Media, 2010, and Flood Streets (film) directed by Joseph Meissner, New Orleans: The Hatchery Media, 2011.

Professor Arturo (aka Arthur Pfister) - “Hey Baby!”: A Review of The"Baby Dolls": Breaking the Race and Gender Barriers of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Tradition. By Kimberly Vaz. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State UP, 2013.

Joel Simpson - Henry Butler at the Jazz Standard - A Review

Joyce Zonana - Review: Hearing Sappho in New Orleans:  The Call of Poetry from Congo Square to the Ninth Ward. By Ruth Salvaggio.  Baton Rouge:  Louisiana State University Press, 2012.


Volume 2, Issue 2


Three Poems by Arthur Pfister


Short Story - "The Boy and the Famous French Quarter Lady Writer" by Arthur Pfister


Crystal Kile - The Not Yet by Moira Crone

Elaine Kolp - Integral Astrology by Armand Diaz

JoAnn Pavletich - St. Marks and the Social Gospel: Methodist Women and Civil Rights in New Orleans, 1895-1965 by Ellen Blue

Stephen Rockenbach- Slant of Light by Steve Wiegenstein


Volume 2, Issue 1

Actin’ a Fool in the Grocery Store (for Sanity’s Sake) by William Ashanti Hobbs

For Margaret Walker by Niyi Osundare

Heavy (Shakespeare's Sonnet # 50) by Haze & the Transients

In the Tradition: A Review of CITY WITHOUT PEOPLE by Professor Arturo aka Arthur Pfister

Memories of Domesticity: Family Values and National Belonging in Katrina Oral History by Clare Daniel

MI-SS-I-SS-I-PPI by Niyi Osundare

Photo by Alexey Sergeev