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Welcome to Nola Diaspora

Volume 4, Issue 1
Introduction and Mission

Welcome to the NOLA DIASPORA, Katrina 2014 edition.

It’s been nine years; and Dr. John has just released a tribute album to Louis Armstrong, Ske-Dat-De-Dat, while in the city itself an early August weekend crime wave saw eleven people injured, including two toddlers.  A Bloomberg study (reported in on August 19th on the day of that album release) also ranks the city second last for income equity in the United States.  NOLA seems locked into a second—in—line parade, with some people and some parts of the city finding a recovery—the resurgence of the arts community/ies and the insurgent, insistent green movements within the region are particularly positive examples.  However, parts of the city and other groups are not enjoying that rebirth, and we should all be in that number…..

This issue marks the journal’s 4 year mark.  We are celebrating by featuring folk artist extraordinaire Jimmy Descant, aka. Rocket Man, in Art Space.  His artistic ability and incisive political perspicacity have won him a national following as well as a large fan base within his “home” states of Louisiana and Colorado.

In Word Place, we offer reviews exclusively to showcase the tremendous (in both quantity and quality) NOLA and Gulf South-centered publications from commercial, independent, and university presses this year.  We will call this “The Review Issue.”

Enjoy!  And remember to share this volume and your journey with a friend…..

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